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Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota, leading to the frequent need for pest control. Maxi Extermination is Minneapolis’s regional pest problems solution. According to the centers for disease control and prevention, most people don’t know they have things like bed bugs. Minneapolis is home to many unwanted pests, leading to a need for pest control.

For instance, the borer is an invasive pest that is devastating to trees. They have little natural resistance to this pest, but our pest control can handle them. Pest control in Minneapolis, Minnesota is our specialty—even for the most challenging nests to control, like those that are under ground.

Many don’t know centipedes are beneficial to the control of other insects, but at Maxi Extermination pest control we understand the ins and outs. Subsurface damaging insect control is another thing we handle. With all of this, it’s important to note millipedes and centipedes are similar pests, though they aren’t the exact same.

Contact a Pest Professional to Avoid Letting Anything From Being Exposed to Little Pests like Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren’t the only parasitic pest to be worried about. Mosquitoes are another. As a result, mosquito control is vitally important to human health. Maxi Extermination pest control is a family owned and operated company, resulting in our pest control services solving all problems. We perform inspections for pests, pest harborage, and more!

Maxi Extermination pest control gets rid of all pests. We’ll be there pest control for help with carpenter ants and other types of pests since we know what’s attractive to pests and how to get rid of them. Just look at the positive reviews and praise for our pest and rodent management!

Are you in need of pest control? Contact our experts in Minneapolis! Maxi Extermination pest control of MN provides residential and commercial pest control! Our approach to pest control is fast & dependable, and our pest management & prevention services are unmatched.

The potential for pests to enter your home is never-ending. However, the cost of pest control in Minneapolis is affordable! For long lasting control of mosquitoes and flies and more, call (866) 918-1120 today. We’ll be targeted to a specific pest(s) using the best methods today to control pests in your home or business. Schedule your free inspection with the #1 pest control company & pest control professional in Minneapolis today!