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Cockroaches, ants, and other pests invade Louisville, Kentucky homes frequently. Because of this, homes and business establishments across the Louisville, Kentucky area need pest control. Maxi Extermination has done more bed bug work than any other pest control company in the area!

First, we’ll do a scan to determine if pests are present, and if so we’ll map the area we know about pests, so you can see where they’ll at. Termites are pests that are common in Louisville, KY. Unfortunately, they’ve been appearing all across Louisville more frequently. We’ve treated for pests like these local to the Louisville area before!

Pest removal to Louisville is a common job we do. We’ll make you secure from pests, safe from pests, and protect your property from pests. Our fast action pest control is the pest control company serving the Louisville, KY area you want by your side!

Gain Your Freedom from Pests with Pest Control Provided by Louisville Certified Pest Control

A critter of larger size than the pests most people have isn’t a problem. Contact Maxi Extermination pest control for your complimentary inspection today! We offer a wide range of bird control measures—from elimination to removal, we’ll handle all your control services in Louisville.

Pest control in Louisville, KY is our specialty. The residents of Louisville have come to rely on our pest control in Louisville, KY for years! When it comes to quality pest control services for the Louisville, KY and surrounding areas, we’re the #1 choice for pest removal.

When pests invade your Louisville home or business, the type of pest matters. For instance, one visit may satisfy all your pest control needs. However, other pest control jobs in Louisville, KY may require multiple visits. No matter what, we’re your company for Louisville pest control!

Many people know little about these pests that invade. But, with the right product for the pest removal, and inspections for every pest possible, our control of wildlife with a band of granular control to reinforce the work done is unparalleled. Don’t worry about the cost of pest control in Louisville either! Call (866) 918-1120 & schedule a free inspection to product your home & business from pests in the Louisville, KY region.