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Maxi Extermination’s pest control in Detroit, MI is here to help. Our pest control’s experts are ready to remove things like bed bugs (which, according to the centers for disease control and prevention, is a big problem if you don’t pay attention to your Detroit home).

In Detroit, MI, we serve the entire Detroit metro area with same-day pest and rodent extermination. We’ll have your home treated for pests without harming nearby wildlife. Detroit’s homes and businesses often need pest control. That’s why out pest control can handle it all!

Effective control for certain pest issues will be easier than others. Maxi Extermination pest control of Dearborn & Detroit can handle the type of pests others won’t. You’ll be free from pests in no time! We’ll send a pest control professional to solve your problem. We have years of experience serving the residents of Detroit. For pest control serving all of Detroit, including Hamtramck, call today!

We’ve Performed Pest Control for 20 Yrs in the Center of Metropolitan Detroit

In Metro Detroit & Ann Arbor there’s no one better than us. From pest control for spiders to pest control for the basement, our pest control company in Detroit is the best. We protect your property from damaging pests by sending experts who will quickly rid your home or business from pests!

First, we remove food sources for hungry pests. Then we’ll help you gain control of your life in the western and southern areas of greater Detroit, Michigan by ensuring you are safe from various pests. These pests won’t stand a chance.

Putting off help, however, will show you the unwanted problems associated with pests. This is why you should call our pest control in Detroit, MI fast so we can discuss the challenge of bed bug control and other types of pest control in Detroit, MI.

The cost of pest control is less than you might think! When we take control of your pest management and dealing with these pests, we have your best interests in mind. Ever since Maxi started serving greater Detroit for control of wildlife and control of all sorts, we’ve had you in mind.

Don’t risk bites of other pests such as mosquitoes. If you have a problem, call our pest control company at (866) 918-1120 today. Whether you need a bed bug exterminator in Detroit, have pests in your home, or just need general pest control services in Detroit, Michigan, Maxi Extermination is here to help. Call & schedule a free inspection today!